Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Alabama Tornado Information

Greetings to everyone cleaning up from and sorting supplies following last week's horrible tornado outbreak across Alabama. It is a gigantic job and will take a long time to recover.

I lived in Tuscaloosa, AL for several years and graduated high school there. Three of my high school friends' businesses are severely damaged, so I am helping with the efforts there. PLEASE know that the damage in the Birmingham area and all the small areas across Alabama are also beyond words. WE NEED HELP. Our state revenue (among other things) suffered tremendously due to the BP/Gulf Oil Spill and our kids' schools are already looking at massive cutbacks next year. Jefferson County has lost unspeakable amounts of money due to bad bond deals and we pay the highest sewer rates probably known to man. We did not need these tornados to make things worse, but oh well.

How can you help?

On Facebook, please join / like two sites I am administering: Tuscaloosa Tornado Donations and Tuscaloosa Tornado Updates. On the Updates page, there is a document in the right column entitled Monetary Donations for Tuscaloosa Tornado Recovery. That document has links to organizations where the funds will STAY in Tuscaloosa. I am updating this constantly.

We need stuff. Our stores are running out of basic supplies. Some amazing peeps at Auburn University have set up a site called Toomer's for Tide. These energetic, relentlessly dedicated volunteers are finding drop off sites across the US. Please visit their Facebook site, Toomers for Tide and go to their document listing by state to learn where you can drop off stuff.

Thank you so very much for your consideration to help out the amazing people of Alabama. XO!!!!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Decorating for Christmas 2010

Well, Tinsel, I'm sorry to say this, but you're out this year. Yes, we're having flash backs to 1967 because fake snow (I think it was called "flocking your tree") is in.

Fortunately, the up-side to still being in a recession (I don't believe we're out of it, do you? I mean, REALLY) is that during hard times, trends go back to traditional (again, flocking the tree? Is that necessary?)

So, the big trend of outdoor, jumbo-sized decorations are still going strong. In my neighborhood alone, we have Penguins on a Train, a snow globe of epic proportions (do you know TSA will confiscate your snow globe of regular proportions if you dare sneak it on an airplane?), a blow up dog with a Santa hat, and what I can only describe as stay-puff Christmas trees - a "forest" of 3.

The biggest news-maker this year is the new LED lights. They are supposed to be really energy efficient. While a far cry from the original candle, I think that this could move us in a good direction ... unless, of course, you're the local power company, who, let's face it is really the big winner this time of year.

PS I'm NOT flocking my trees. Nope. Nary a one. How about you, Vixen?

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Gift Tips for Kiddos 2010

BRRRRR. Thanksgiving's over and I've returned with some hot, new ideas for Christmas, Poodles! (Miss you bunches!)

Let's get right down to business = shopping! Everybody's doing it this week, so I have whipped up a list I hope you will find most deliciously helpful with those hard-to-shop for kiddos that will make you look like you are the hippest, hottest, and most spot-on diva (but that's a given, right?). Random order:

- Anything Toy Story 3. The toys from this are all over the place and aren't terribly pricey. Look for Mr. Potato Head to the Ken and Barbie dolls.

- Similarly, with the tres recent release of Harry Potter, anything in that genre is timely and cool.

- Creepily enough (perhaps because of my allergies I think they're creepy), the Zhu Zhu pet hamster continues to be a must-have item. Being the smart critters they are, there are accessories, styles, and colors to choose from (Ah-Ha! Now the Diva sees the allure). With several hamsters in the line, you can add to a small loved one's collection.

- Pillow Pets make sensational gifts. I even heard teenage girls want them. You may have seen them advertised as "a pillow and (visual of a snapping strap here) a stuffed animal pet". Well, I got my preschool nephew the Dog and must say it is so soft and totally adorable (ladybug, dolphin, bumble bee, unicorn = some of the myriad of options). You can find them for about $25-30 on line and I saw some in Wal-Mart the other day. But hurry; the more popular pets are expected to sell out.

- Pre-teens will love a CD featuring Disney or Nickelodeon recording stars. Similar to the Glee sensation, some of the shows aimed at kids this age feature talented singers. Move over, Hannah Montana, replacements are on their way.

- Older kids, especially ones whose parents are like me and won't let them have a phone for FOREVER or until Jr. High, will love getting a digital camera.

- Electronic games such as Wii, XBox, or PlayStation are always hits that if you're lucky, the whole family can enjoy together (or separately - not sure how you'd enjoy it more - I personally have more of a shot at winning when I'm not holding a glass of wine and/ or playing with my kids, but that's just me).

So, Peaches, I hope this gets you pointed in a better direction for finishing (or starting) your shopping extravaganza. Holla!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Note From Our Plumbing Diva

YES! I know you're probably rubbing your eyes in disbelief, but indeed, Virginia, there is a Female Plumber! She is, by the way, FREAKIN' AWESOME. She is well-dressed, owns a dog with a sweater wardrobe, and can efficiently get your plumbing disasters flushed away. No visual on the butt crack, either. My friend, Mazy Holiday (who one of my sisters swears should be a jazz singer just by her name alone), is the owner of Cascade Plumbing and offers this wonderful missive we all can learn from:

We made it through the winter's freezing pipes and gas logs. Now would be a good time for those of you with houses 40 years or older to think about replacing galvanized water lines with PVC (or copper) . Water line replacement isn't the big deal it sounds like. It can be completed in just one day. The result? Better water pressure, better tasting water, and fewer problems with fixtures.

Everyone's pipes can benefit from an easy maintenance routine of pouring one cup of bleach down every drain once each month!

For more information, please visit Cascade Plumbing's website at

Back to me - Mazy and crew have been to my house in the last several weeks to unstop a toilet. They arrived when they said they would and were done in a matter of minutes. Cascade is SO PROFESSIONAL, you'll be swirling with delight.


Saturday, May 8, 2010

Gargantuan Gastronomical Graduation Gift Idea

I am fortunate to have young friends who are in high school (no, not just babysitters - BUT the HS babysitters I have across the street are AWESOME). Sadly, they have a habit of graduating ... as do nieces and nephews (well, the Main Squeeze's are having a long run at graduating in droves lately; my nieces and nephews are elementary school age, of course).

It's time to start graduation gift shopping again now that Mother's Day has rolled around. I really can't bring myself to purchase another set of earrings for a niece (Mary, hope you weren't counting on another pair), so I fired up the ole brain and devised a Diva-ine gift solution that I am compelled to share.

Outside the bars -- because, let's face it, HS graduates are 18 and aren't frequenting bars (ahem!) -- I seem to recall spending time studying in groups and eating when I was in college. So, the idea smacked me upside the well-coiffed head to give gift cards to graduates of near-by restaurants ... or if all else fails, the nearest pizza chain to campus.

Who's gonna' complain about that gift come November when dear old dad's credit card has been mysteriously cancelled???

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Spring potting tip

Hello, Devoted Diva Darlings ! Sorry for my absence here. Despair no more. The Diva Returns with a handy quick tip just in time for planting your annuals and gift-giving for Mother's Day.

Are you repeatedly confounded by those pesky drainage holes in the bottom of clay/terracotta pots? Me too! I am always trying to find a rock or broken pottery just the size to plug most of it, yet despite my best efforts, dirt ALWAYS finds a way to escape. Alas.

I just learned a solution that I'm implementing immediatemente -- use a coffee filter as a liner between the clay pot and your dirt containing your precious petunia (or darling daisy, or ... well, you get my drift).

Friday, September 11, 2009

Tooth Fairy Topics

My 6 year old has been losing teeth like crazy lately, so we have been having many a discussion on our new favorite unseen diva, the Tooth Fairy.

I didn't realize this was going to cause me to do so very much research, but being the generous spirit that I am, I'll share my findings with you.

1. Word has Tooth Fairy clip art. This has come in mighty handy what with all the note writing. Lordy, the Tooth Fairy is about to qualify for Pen Pal Status around here!

2. The Tooth Fairy is pretty much afraid of guard cats.

3. Her favorite color is pink. She writes her notes in pink ink.

4. If a nightlight isn't left on, she may opt to pass you by.

5. Sometimes the Tooth Fairy leaves things besides money. She has been known to leave books around here.

6. Some children are more sensitive than others to items under their pillows and wake up at 3 AM and when he stumbles across a word in the dark that he doesn't know, he thinks absolutely nothing about scampering down to wake up sleeping parents to decipher words in the DARK!

7. Most websites offering gifts from the Tooth Fairy are useless because they require you to think AHEAD of the time you will actually need a cool Tooth Fairy item. These sites also take FOREVER to ship once you outlay a boatload of cash. I'm not falling for that!

8. Pot-smoking Tree huggers write too many children's books, specifically on the topic of fairies. I have read the schmarmiest crap lately on this topic. I know all of these stupid stories to be completely untrue and unfounded! They're just trying to tap into the lucrative Tooth Fairy market share. Do not be fooled! Everybody in their right Diva minds knows that the Tooth Fairy collects teeth so she can make JEWELRY!!! DUH!!!!

The funniest thing I ran across, though was the letter for an older child. Here's the link:

Some other decent information can be found at

Really, the main lesson grown ups can take from the Tooth Fairy is that childhood can be a magical, fun time for everyone ... only if we believe in the magic and help it happen.